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and DONE!

2013-02-28 10:47:28 by Poireau

As you hypothetical reader may or may not be aware yet, I started one month ago a series of drawings, one every night for 30 days straight. Even though I have only published 6 or so yet to NG, I have now completed my quest and drawn 30 things (yay!)
however, from day 11 onwards it's basically just lineart I'll need to color digitally... So I didn't do my job properly.

For the next time I do such a thing, I should: make it shorter maybe; decide on a style and story beforehand; publish my drawings at day+0 or day+1 instead of waiting for a month

Also, I need to make myself a profile pic and whatnot


2012-08-15 18:08:43 by Poireau

I DID sumbit something.
for clockday, I had to do a special animation, since I'm the best out here.
well, this may well be totally unoriginal, but had to be done.

couldn't make my proof heavy, so I had to simulate such weight. well, now that I have restored the truth and fulfilled my duties to the NGs community, I can die in peace.

btw, where I live our grades range from 0-20. If the entry gets deleted, I'll put it on my dumping grounds cuz i'm so proud of it

|edit| over 275 views and 2.79/5 points! I am now officially famous (sort of)


nothing new... yet

2012-06-19 17:31:19 by Poireau

well... I sait I'd submit content, but I didn't say when, right?
anyways I should really start doing things. Like trying to practice a bit of Flash or something, or digital drawing, or scanning my paper drawings (if I find some worth publishing, that is). I got a lineart that I've colored, but not submitted it yet... one day; the time will come


...more waiting...

I should also do some profile pics, that's pretty important!

I Re-exist!

2012-05-09 05:19:16 by Poireau

This is my new NGs account. I formerly used but I changed!
Also, now i might even submit things to newgrounds. It's the main reason why was created

a leek is not the bestest plant in the world (in taste nor shape) but I have personal reasons for using this alias. [subtly arousing reader's curiosity: check]

see you later, hypothetical reader!

I Re-exist!